Clean Kitchen 2022

Clean Kitchen is an iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS app for quickly accessing New York City health inspection grades for restaurants.

Scipio 2022

Scipio is a package manager-agnostic dependency management tools. Scipio helps to reduce build times with Swift Package Manager as well as allowing users to integrate CocoaPods and framework URLs via SPM.

Afresh 2022 - Present

Working on an iPad app that enables grocery store order writers to accurately predict inventory requirements in an effort to reduce fresh food waste.

NYC Vaccine Bot 2021

NYC Vaccine Bot is a Twitter bot that I built to poll the NYC COVID vaccine availability API and post results to Twitter.

The Knot Worldwide 2018 - 2022

As one half of the iOS Platform Team, I maintain our automated release process, conduct training and pairing sessions with junior engineers, and oversee the architecture of the entire iOS stack across dozens of apps.

node-appletv 2018 - Present

An open-source JavaScript package for interacting with an Apple TV over the network.

Artist Connect 2016 - Present

Artist Connect is a platform for creators to market their services. As a contractor, I built the entire backend and frontend web stacks as well as the iOS app complete with payment processing via Braintree and Stripe.

Timehop 2013 - 2016

First as a summer intern, and then remote contractor, worked on a small team of 2-3 iOS engineers and then later as the sole iOS engineer building a digital history app serving nearly 20 million users.

SiriSports 2012

One month after the release of Siri on iPhone 4s, I became one of the first people to successfully backport Siri to older devices. Not long after, I released SiriSports, adding sports scores to Siri before Apple. I later uncovered evidence pointing to the eventual official addition of sports scores to Siri.