NYC Vaccine Bot 2021

NYC Vaccine Bot is a Twitter bot that I built to poll the NYC COVID vaccine availability API and post results to Twitter.

The Knot Worldwide 2018 - Present

As one half of the iOS Platform Team, I maintain our automated release process, conduct training and pairing sessions with junior engineers, and oversee the architecture of the entire iOS stack across dozens of apps.

node-appletv 2018 - Present

An open-source JavaScript package for interacting with an Apple TV over the network.

Artist Connect 2016 - Present

Artist Connect is a platform for creators to market their services. As a contractor, I built the entire backend and frontend web stacks as well as the iOS app complete with payment processing via Braintree and Stripe.

Timehop 2013 - 2016

First as a summer intern, and then remote contractor, worked on a small team of 2-3 iOS engineers and then later as the sole iOS engineer building a digital history app serving nearly 20 million users.

SiriSports 2012

One month after the release of Siri on iPhone 4s, I became one of the first people to successfully backport Siri to older devices. Not long after, I released SiriSports, adding sports scores to Siri before Apple. I later uncovered evidence pointing to the eventual official addition of sports scores to Siri.